Brilliant Bathroom Supplies | ‘Cause Who Gives A Crap!

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As products change and improve, so do the concepts and styles that come with it! As a designer, I love these new innovations and designs, especially when shopping for my wow-factor bathroom products! I don’t just want products with mix-matched labels and harsh chemicals. I look for products with a purpose and thoughtful design. From … Read more

White Washed Kitchen Cabinets | Capturing The Perfect Look

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Are you thinking about redesiging your kitchen with a white and light French Country Cottage Look, but not sure where to start?  Although the thought can sound a bit daunting and the visuals aren’t coming to mind, you’ve come to the right place! Between my husbands Kitchen Design expertise and my interior design collective, we will … Read more

Erika's Design collective


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ABOUT ERIKA Hi! Thank you for visiting my Design Collective website. I’m happy you’re here! It is a place of color and beauty, curated through design boards for your home interior, exterior design, or vacation home.  THE LONG AND THE SHORT First the short! I’m a serial entrepreneur My family is my rock I’m married … Read more