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Hi! Thank you for visiting my Design Collective website. I’m happy you’re here!

It is a place of color and beauty, curated through design boards for your home interior, exterior design, or vacation home. 


Erika's Design Collective

First the short!

  • I’m a serial entrepreneur
  • My family is my rock
  • I’m married (22 years on 7/24/20) and one lucky girl!
  • I’m a mom of 2 young adults (one boy, one girl)
  • I’m a hair twirler and overall fidgeter
  • I’ve co-owned a kitchen & woodwork design company with my husband, Kevin.
  • I’m not just a designer, I’m a serial creator
  • I’ve perfected the pillow butt!
  • If I have an addiction— it’s a battle between travel and cheese
  • I can’t cook you a meal, but I can sew you curtains!
  • I love design, I’m addicted to design and it’s limited to home decor, my mind is always going.
  • I will “dress up” any chance I get
  • My favorite TV show is Schittz Creek, eh!
  • I’m obsessed with fashion
  • I’m most passionate about lifestyle photography, mostly candids, natural, and joyful.
  • I’m an advocate for Breast Implant Illness
  • I want to help children from sex trafficking
  • I LOVE to help people in creative ways
  • My FAVORITE book is Confessions of a Shopaholic, and wish it could be my blog name! LOL


At an early age, I was drawn to textures and patterns, using my Nana’s fabric chest as my favorite toy box. While other kids played sports or saved up for a new bike, I was more interested in my bedroom’s styling and what I was wearing. At a young age, I worked for a builder and won the top sales award for customer design upgrades. I’ve renovated and designed all three of our homes with my husband, and I have always been my friends and family’s go-to design expert any time they had a new design project. In 2009 I co-founded a camera strap company where I took my design skills into the manufacturing market, combining my passion for design and my love for photography. As I progressed in life, I quickly realized that I like change, I’m forever changing, just like the design trends. I got bored with the photography manufacturing business and decided to permanently focus on the company I own with my husband, which we founded in 2001, designing homes with everything woodwork. As we’ve transitioned our business into kitchen design, my talents were needed more than ever! Every project is new, designs are ever-changing, and my mind is forever stimulated, which is what I love!  Helping others curate home designs they love is what my heart was called to do!


My goal for my Design Collective is to help curate designs for people to get inspired by, as well as provide a source for them to purchase mindfully chosen products for enjoyable living. I pick it; you click it!

Erika's Design Collective

Although I love to shop, that’s not all I want to do, especially living through this 2020 pandemic. I want to find a way to connect with people through design. I decided to layer my love for connecting with people, and my passion for the world of design, by curating a collection of perfectly picked products that will make your design experience enjoyable and productive.

So let’s not dilly dally, let’s decorate!


Erika's Design Collective

I’ve always been the girl who marches to the beat of her own drum, exploring things like new home track house design and sales, to launching my own manufacturing business. Design is forever changing, and so is my mind, and thank goodness because that comes in handy in the creative industry! 

I created this website to help those who are less creative and need a little support for interior design and home decor decisions. I hope you enjoy the products and services I recommend. I’m here to help, and I look forward to collaborating with you. 

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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