Clean Clarity | Grove Collaborative Review | Sept 2020

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People often ask me where to start in their design overhaul. There are so many places you can successfully begin, but today I’m going to share the site that brings me the most joy on a daily basis: Grove Collaborative.

While a new design can start improving your life, it’s not always clear on where you should focus. Since most people have more time on their hands in today’s world, they are spending more time at home and using more products to clean. With so many people looking for better ways to improve their lifestyles, I thought we should start with Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative not only provides products with designer packaging, but they also handpick products that best fit your home and your family’s well-being. Grove Collaborative also provides in-home delivery, which makes the process of buying cleaning supplies more enjoyable. The joy of simple design is our focus today.

An old friend always says, “If you have time to lean, then you have time to clean!” Whether your goal is to clean your body, mind, soul, or house, I believe good housekeeping can check all those boxes in various ways.

How Cleaning Your House Cleanses Your Mind

I work from home, as a lot of you may be doing during most of 2020. Therefore my mind cannot be distracted with chaos sitting in front of me while trying to focus. I need to keep a clean house, which helps fuel my clear mind. 

When I’m disorganized, I tend to get overwhelmed, so I misplace, misuse, and most definitely run out supplies at times. Other times, I overbuy.

In the past, I bought household cleaning items when I would go grocery shopping. But now that I’m using Grove Collaborative, I’ve been thoughtfully shopping for my everyday products, like hand soap, dish sponges, compost bags, and (most recently) a collapsible broom, all online and to my doorstep.

Why do I say “thoughtfully shopping”? Because if I do not go online and plan out my needs for the month, then I either get things I didn’t need, or I have to drive to the store to get more. I know that doesn’t sound like much to complain about, but in the big picture of living a joyful and productive life, thoughtful shopping is the key to your success. I know because I’m still a hot mess. I just do it stylishly.

So each month, before my scheduled shipping date, I get a reminder email from Grove, which reminds me to go in and update my order. This inspires me to go around my house and look in my cabinets to see what our needs are, which guarantees I’m thinking ahead and creating peace of mind in my household. I cannot say things are perfect around here; life always happens, and some things get easier and more stylish.

How Simple Living Works With Home Essentials

The benefits of simple living are endless, but I’ll point out the basics. 

  1. You’re shopping with intention.
  2. Your everyday necessities are delivered to your doorstep.
  3. You can plan a budget, so you do not overspend on products you don’t need.
  4. You can avoid a whole section of the store.
  5. You have peace of mind that the products you’re buying are not made with chemicals that should not be in your home.

Why Choose Stylish Household Essentials?

Because design is everything, of course!

I switched to stylish household essentials because I don’t like to mix and match, unless it pertains to fashion attire (then mix away!). Having different sized bottles, labels, and companies to know, and chemicals to avoid, stresses me out.

Because I’m a designer, everything around me must look well-designed, including my everyday essentials.

Note how you feel when you see a cute soap company with creative packaging. Using this soap just feels better, right? Or how a simple design on wrapped toilet paper by “Who Gives A Crap” can bring a smile to your face. The design brings a smile to most faces, so why not choose products that bring us joy and have a great design!

Why I Use Grove Collaborative as a Solution to My Problems

I’ve been using Grove Collaborative since we remodeled our kitchen about 18 months ago. Once we remodeled and ditched the old heavy brown cabinetry, design, and decor, I thought it was a great time to clean out my cleaning supplies and freshen up our look, and I’ve been enjoying it ever since!


My initial budget was high. I had no idea what I spent per month prior to using Grove. I bet it was well over $200 from all my frivolous shopping. I started my shipment budget from initially $100 per month (now down to $70 per month), as I found I wasn’t going through products as much as I had anticipated. I buy products in rotation. For example, I just stocked up on tissue. I bought six boxes, so I’m good for at least six months. My sink sponges are delivered every other month. Microfiber towels, two every four months. I collect less clutter and always rotate in what I need. It’s a nice hack I have enjoyed adapting to.

This is great because I realized that, by mindfully shopping with Grove Collaborative, I’m buying less because I’m not over buying at the grocery store, thinking I need something when I do not.

Through Grove, I buy things like sponges, soaps, cleaners, trash bags, hand towels, face wipes, and the list goes on and on! You name it, and they have it ready to deliver! They even have products for your beauty, baby, and pets with delivery straight to your doorstep.

My September Grove Home Delivery Subscription Order

Fresh out of the box with a little note to enjoy! 

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the little notes the employees at Grove write on each month’s box. Not all companies practice this personal touch, so it’s always a treat when these types of notes pop up. It’s the little gestures that go a long way. A gesture that shows the thoughtfulness of the company and the team that supports it. This note doesn’t just remind me to stay healthy, it reminds me to stay happy, beautiful, and clean too.

SHOP:     // 1 //       // 2 //       // 3 //       // 4 //      // 5 // 


Product Details: 

// 1 // : Compost Bags:  Whether you’re an experienced composter or just looking to start, these biodegradable-certified bags are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Use them to store your food scraps and any other compostable items, and you’ll reduce waste by giving nutrients back to the earth. $5.95

// 2 // : Soap Dispenser: This chic and reusable glass soap dispenser adds instant style and convenience to your kitchen or bath. Its sturdy glass body is accented with a sleek, brushed metal pump – perfect for your favorite liquid soaps. Pop our Grove Silicone Sleeve on your Glass Hand Soap Dispenser to keep it in place and avoid slipping and sliding on your counter. $14.95

// 3 // : Collapsible Broom: This broom has the function of a heavy-duty cleaner and a footprint that fits in a drawer thanks to its collapsible handle and replaceable broom head. Its dust-collecting bristles leave no trace of dirt behind, and its compact base lets you get under kitchen cupboards and along the floor boards behind your couch with ease. We even tackled dustpan innovation, adding a built-in wide-tooth comb for removing lint buildup from the broom bristles hands free. And we gave it a flexible, dipped edge so you can sweep every last trace of dirt into the pan — no more dust line. We didn’t stop there: the broomstick collapses to one-third its length for easy storing and also fits our microfiber mop head so you can turn it into a mop and back to a broom and so on as needed. Did we mention it’s all made from recycled materials? $29.95

// 4 // : Sponges: Our game-changing, customer favorite, all-purpose cleaning sponge made from plant and recycled materials.  Most sponges are made of plastic and full of dyes and chemicals. Our ingredients are more responsible: walnut shells (which would otherwise be thrown away), cellulose (from plants), and recycled PET (a form of plastic) to hold it all together. No dyes. No solvents. Just pure sudsy sponge. $4.95 for a 2 pack

// 5 // : Tissue: Brandless tree-free facial tissues are made with bagasse and bamboo. They are free of dyes, lotions, and fragrances and work well for those who have sensitive skin. $4.99 for 2 pack

How to Sign-up

Just click here to learn more! It’s really that easy! 

Creating a living by sharing great products and great services is my honor. Thank you for reading my new and evolving blog talking about everything in life “designed”.





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  2. This is honestly a good post talking about all he goods that there is to cleaning our house and I think that it is a really good one because you have given some very good details into this. Personally, cleaning my home is a big work for me and I sometimes just get lazy about it. I guess I should start with the smaller tasks and take it up from there. I don’t think a total overhaul is possible at once.


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