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The luxurious feel of Coastal Design does not have to be expensive. But not everyone can visualize and style interior design spaces. Lucky for you, you found the right girl! I’m going to show you how to accomplish the Coastal Vibe your living room (and family) are begging for, all via savvy shopping, of course!

Step 1: Let There Be Light, by Serena and Lily

Image by Serena and Lily
Image by Serena and LilyThe first step in capturing the essence of Coastal Design is letting the light in! The Coastal Vibe is light and bright, refreshing, and relaxing. If you have window coverings blocking the light, open them up or pull them down. If privacy allows, you don’t even need window coverings, so ditching them all together is a great start! Mind. Blown. I’ll explain it. The idea is to like that there is no division between you and the outdoors. The more light, open and airy it is, the more coastal the vibe, obvs.


Step 2: Know the difference between Coastal vs. Nautical

That’s right, Coastal is not the same as Nautical, and it’s essential to know how to differentiate. Coastal captures the beachy feel through light, soft, natural tones, and a clean aesthetic. With the use of natural materials and colors like earth tones, jute textures, crisp whites, layered blues, loose linens, and mixed in stripes, the Coastal Design shines without the heavy use of knick-knacks like sailor decor and anchors galore.

Like these amazing finds from Serena and Lily from Newport Beach, California:

[Images by Serena and Lily]
If you want to decorate in a nautical theme, add anchors, conch shells, octopuses, a vintage diving helmet, and sailing books Mix it up with crisp navy blues and whites, and you’ll be okay. Just make sure your nautical decor is impactful and tasteful. Use items from your travels that tell a story, or pick up decor from your local Homegoods and mix in nautical styled pieces that also share a purpose.

Pillows found on Wayfair

I found this little gold octopus storage container that sits on a shelf in our living room, patiently waiting for the next hotel key travel souvenir to join the collection of others. This container not only tastefully adds a splash of nautical with a fun, clean way to store our souvenirs through the years. The best part is, it only cost me $9.99 at Homegoods. Design with a purpose, Win-Win!

Step 3: Keep It White & Keep It Bright

Woodwork by

When creating a Coastal living room design, it is crucial to keep it white and bright with your base layer. Then, you add layers of natural colors and a variety of stripes. The idea is to keep things open and airy through the use of natural light. Adding shiplap on the walls and/or ceiling is a great way to keep things white and bright, but with the right amount of texture and character a Coastal room needs. Coastal is simple and clean, anything but boring. So while white walls will do, adding shiplap as an accent is a must!

“To create a bright, dynamic look, consider layering different shades of white. A cream-colored sofa against winter white walls or a sandy-colored jute rug beneath a weathered white table keeps the space bright and open without feeling too sterile. If you’re craving more color in your interior, incorporate pops of brightness with shades of coral, robin’s egg, or seashell pink,” says Zoe Ursick of

You’ll want to add accent colors and patterns to truly capture the Coastal design vibe. I typically include neutrals, such as a warmer beige or khaki, light blues, greys, and greens. Below are examples of looks that inspire me most when designing a Coastal interior design.

Woodwork Solutions created the ultimate coastal vacation-vibe with this custom bar, shiplap wall, coffered ceiling, and floating shelves. See more inspirational design ideas at, and I’ll see you there!


Step 4: Shop Savvy, Have it tomorrow, Shop Amazon!

When I’m designing a room, I tend to want to wrap it up as quickly as possible; therefore, I always start with what’s available on Amazon Prime. Amazon not only has a vast selection of home decor and accessory options, but you’ll also be getting the most competitive price and most often, the fastest delivery!

Below are my 5 top Coastal finds found on Amazon. You don’t have to pay high designer prices…unless you want to, obvs.

Together, We’ll Capture That Coastal Vibe!

It’s time to start designing and shopping savvy! To get you started capturing that Coastal feel, I’ve summarized a list for you to be most successful.

  1. Start with a light, bright, and airy space. Create it if you don’t have one.
  2. Know the difference between nautical and coastal.
  3. Keep it white and bright with natural tones and materials.
  4. Shop savvy first in places like Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, and Homegoods.
  5. When all else fails, and you need one on one support, design with Erika!

If I didn’t answer all of your questions regarding coastal living room design, please comment below. I’d love to help you more, and possibly use your question in an upcoming post to help others with the same thoughts or questions.

I’m also available for hire as your personal digital design consultant. So let me know how I can help and let’s get your design board going!

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