Transitioning to Work at Home | …and How to Stay Organized

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All kinds of normal day-to-day things have changed amidst the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. One of the most substantial changes is the transition to working at home. If you’re wondering how to organize best and set-up your home-work station, read on!

First Step: Get Organized

Though this can be a problem even working in an office, it is especially prevalent when working at home. Keeping your workspace neat and tidy improves your work ethic and considerably lowers your stress level. There are many different ways to organize that suit all kinds of people, such as:

  1. Consider going paperless: Not only is this option great for the environment, but it also ensures that any necessary files or documents are in one easily accessible place. You won’t have to worry about losing anything important as long as you remember to save the file to a computer, tablet, laptop, etc. You can create digital folders and label them, so it becomes one quick search to find exactly what you need. The Samsung T5 external hard drive is a great tool for keeping your important files safe and secure. Since it’s an SSD, the external hard drive is more durable than your standard hard drive that are more sensitive. The best part is, the Samsung T5 comes in 4 color options!
  2. Organize your files into folders/binders: If you’re less into technology and more into hardcopy, make sure you have the proper storage. Folders and binders are an excellent way to store your files, but there are so many other options. One of my personal favorites is the accordion file organizer. These can be carried with you everywhere and have multiple folders for different sections. You can find one on Amazon for the low price of $6.49 here. Or for the Draper James kind of style you can choose this floral print to brighten your filing time!
  3. Get necessary storage: Whether it be file cabinets, plastic bins, desk sets, or more, make sure you have a neat way to place all of your work necessities away for when you are finished working for the day. This way, you wake up each day with a clean workspace.

Step Two: Stay Focused 

Of course, working at home has its many distractions, whether it be kids, pets, or even temptations. However, your work is still important, and your company is counting on you to put out your best effort. Use social distancing to your advantage by getting the work you need to get done. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun with it! Work in bed or a comfortable sofa, stay in pajamas all day (if possible), have a pet near you for some love and destressing, whatever you want to do that won’t distract you, but will improve your mental health. Working at home can be relaxing and even enjoyable as long as you remain on track. Getting too behind will only lead to more stress.

Here’s a fun tip: if you have a meeting on Zoom, put on a nice shirt, but feel free to wear some comfy pants! Depending on how the meeting is set up, your fellow coworkers and boss will only see from your chest and up. Once the session is over, throw on a comfy top!

Step Three: Create a Balance


Since working at home is much easier than making the commute to the office, you may find yourself completing more work than necessary. Your mental health and family life are still important! Take time for yourself during the day, whether you go on a nice walk, a bike ride, read a book, watch television, etc. If you have a partner, children, or some other type of family, put aside some time to spend with them. You don’t need to complete more work than you would do at the office just because it is easier (unless you want to). Instead, maintain a healthy balance between your work and home life.

I also find that essential oils help me focus and relax while working from home. It’s especially refreshing that I don’t have to worry about bothering anyone with all my magical scents that I cannot live without!

Step Four: Get Used to Technology

The world as we know it is changing, and it’s time to try out new ideas, and many of those have to do with technology. Meetings are now held virtually through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. Communication is done via email or phone. The great thing about technology is that it is made simple for everyone to understand. Take the time to learn about the different features and get used to whatever programs your company or business uses. Practice makes perfect when it comes to using technology. The more you use it, the more you learn, and the easier it becomes.

Be open to trying new things rather than fear it. Who knows? You may enjoy the alternative, technological solutions far more than what you are used to.

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The Transition

Transitioning to working at home can be confusing at first, but once you get the hang of a steady routine, everything else falls into place. By following the strategies mentioned and figuring out what makes you feel the most comfortable, you may never want to go back to work! The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our way of life, but it is not all negative. If anything, companies are now encouraged to adopt more efficient strategies that can be utilized once things begin going back to normal.

Keep your workspace organized, complete your work efficiently, don’t forget about yourself or those you care about, and embrace the new changes with grace. By applying these ideas to your work-at-home lifestyle, you will gain a much smoother transition.

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